Rape has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of the society. In fact, It’s a Global Epidemic!

Controversies have been sparked and unending arguments have risen in different quarters based on the link between Rape and Indecent dressing.

Rape is a non-consensual sexual intercourse. It’s a heinous crime. In some parts of the world, the laws on rape don’t favour rape victims/survivors much. Thousands of women have not spoken up and reported their abusers due to the fear of stigmatisation and being insensitively blamed for the dastardly act. Some of them might even be threatened by their abusers or relatives not to speak up. In most cases, Evidences are always sought after and this makes it difficult for rape survivors to report their abusers when they finally gather the courage to speak up. In some countries, Rape Survivors refuse to speak up due to the delay on the part of the judicial system in serving justice. In other parts of the world, The cost of prosecution is always outrageous and proper Medical facilities are either not available or scarcely available and the government doesn’t fully support NGOs involved in fighting the crime. It’s so disheartening. UNICEF reported in 2015 that one in four girls and one in ten boys have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. In all honesty, There is no justification for rape.

I surfed the internet for factors that have contributed to the spread of this crime and their statistical percentages and indecent dressing had the highest percentage. Other factors include Excessive drinking, Frustration, to mention but a few. These factors are insignificant because there is no justification for rape but the fact that they contribute to the spread is worrisome to say the least. Though indecent dressing is not an invitation to rape, Ironically, it’s a factor contributing to the spread. I agree that no matter the kind of cloth a girl puts on, It doesn’t validate rape. We’ve seen stories of how fully clad girls were raped. As a girl  in this age and time who knows what the real world is all about with all the scary happenings and knows that no one can be trusted and indecent dressing is a factor contributing to the spread of rape statistically, Wouldn’t it be a good approach to fully cover yourself notwithstanding and leave God to protect supernaturally?

One interesting fact is that you can be fully covered and still look stylish. I’m a big proponent of modesty. I know many girls are obsessed with how they look. They want to look like the women they see on social media who dress scantily and get comments like “You’ve got the hottest booty on the internet, I’m thirsty for you, You’re super sexy, etc.” As a lady, you should feel disgusted when you’re being objectified. It’s not a new saying that you’d be addressed the way you’re dressed. For example, If you’re given a Royal invitation by the Queen of England, Can you wear a see through gown to the palace? I know many people will reply negatively because you want to be honoured and given the respect you deserve. So much honour is attached to Modesty. Jessica Rey said and I quote

Teach girls that Modesty isn’t about covering their bodies because they’re bad, It isn’t about hiding themselves, It’s about revealing their dignity.” 

Dressing modestly is not old-fashioned. Modesty is a virtue. There is beauty in modesty. Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by worldly things, Dare to be different! In a world where people are trying to copy nasty trends, Be you and Be different! You’re a Queen! Queens don’t follow trends, They set well-meaning trends.

Public indecency/Nudity is generally illegal in most parts of the world. I read the story of STEPHEN GOUGH, a British pro-nudity activist who was arrested and imprisoned for walking the length of Great Britain naked.

I know you feel like you have the right to dress anyhow you want to and be free but you have to cautious and keep everything within measure as modesty implies. It’s where the society has put us. We have to accept the sad but honest truth that the world is not really safe for us girls. We can’t move freely at odd hours of the night even if we’re fully clad because of the fear of being molested. We can’t drink anyhow at parties because of the fear that our drinks may have been spiked. Till the world becomes a safer place for us girls to live in and we’re not viewed as helpless preys to ravaging predators, Let’s take preventive measures like dressing decently, avoiding places we shouldn’t be in and other measures not because they justify rape but because they are part of its contributing factors and pray for God’s supernatural protection upon us and other girls globally. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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